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Welcome to Convenient Veterinary Services

Don’t wrestle with the question, “Should I bring my pet in to see the Vet?”

Walk-in to our in-hospital clinic, CVS, and have it checked out.  Our prices are packaged and our solutions are for the most commonly seen problems.

Your pet will be cared for by a highly trained Veterinary Nurse under a Veterinarian’s supervision. A Veterinarian will be in-hospital for detailed consultation by appointment at the full-service pet hospital. If you need further information of your pet’s condition we will give you websites to visit that are approved by our veterinarians or you can schedule a consultation with a veterinarian, usually that day through Pacific Pet Hospital or any other full-service veterinarian you choose.  If your pet’s problem falls beyond the scope of CVS, the most you will be charged is a $24 exam fee.  Written Prescriptions will be provided if needed for treatment.

The CVS Difference

There are different vaccination brands on the market. We use the safest and highest quality vaccinations that have the least pet adverse reactions. If you provide us with your e-mail or mobile number (by text notification) we will remind you when your pet’s vaccinations are due. Please bring your pet’s shot record to your visit. We are Not a shot clinic.  All pets are examined before the vaccinations are given.  We only vaccinate after making sure your pet is healthy.  You will be given a copy of your pets exam as well.